Ginete Vina – An innovative device to fight corona virus

Flatten the curve

It should not be wrong to say that we are engulfed in the pandemic era and we are learning the new ways of living every day. In the midst of this, many innovations are being done which are changing the dynamics of healthcare.

GINETE has come up with a device that can help in the early detection of COVID-19 symptoms. When the current economy is badly impacted, it has become impossible to continue with the lock-down and stop all the production activities. The non-invasive nature of this device will help in containing the spread of diseases where a large number of people come together for work.

Any enterance

And For this reason, we must have this device installed on every premise like apartments, gyms, offices, banks, shops, malls, cinema theaters, hospitals, medical clinics, and any other place where people come together and can cause the spread of COVID-19.

VINA comes with some key benefits. Let’s go through them one by one.

This intuitive device works just beyond the detection of Covid-19 carrier. On screening the person it tells the health of the person as a whole. This device can help in tracking various other health issues that are normally dormant in early stages in many people. It has an Oximeter which helps in detecting hypoxia, a condition in which the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply.

    • It can monitor the oxygen levels of patients after they have undergone a surgical procedure.
    • It can monitor people with respiratory problems.
    • It can help people with other types of diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and other non-COVID-19 lung infection which can also result in low oxygen count.

In the last few days, I came to know of an acquaintance who lost his life due to a sudden drop in oxygen level. The person had shown no COVID-19 symptoms until that day evening. But within the next few hours, he had spiked a fever and developed breathing problems. His family rushed him to the nearby hospital where he was declared brought dead. I think that he was in a hypoxic state which went undetected in time.

VINA is an integrated device for screening visitors one by one and then captures the vital information like body temperature and blood oxygen level.

Manual Sanitizer

Most importantly it avoids all manual error which is inevitable on using temperature guns. Moreover being non-invasive it avoids human touch of dispensers and other devices that are currently used. With the help of the IR sensor, it automatically senses the presence of a hand for operating the dispenser. Cool isn’t it?

It has a temperature sensor that works even at a distance of 1.5ft with a precision of 0.02˚C to quickly tell the body temperature of the screening person. I doubt this check alone be sufficient to say a person has COVID-19. But when coupled with an oximeter, this gives more accurate results and helps in early detection.

How to use GINETE VINA?

Though VINA comes with a highly complex collection of various kinds of circuit components, it is designed such that even a common person can use it with an ease. 

    • The LCD on the device will guide the user through the entire process.
    • As a user approaches VINA, the Ultra Sonic sensor senses the presence of a person and activates VINA.
    • The SpO2 and Temp sensor senses the blood Oxygen level and temperature.
    • VINA’s inbuilt algorithm will then check if the temperature and blood oxygen levels are within an acceptable range.
    • And finally, VINA will prompt the user to sanitize hands with the automatic dispenser.

Some Major Components that house VINA are mentioned below.

Temperature Sensor:

GINETE VINA uses a high-grade MLX series temperature sensor. It has a precision of 0.02˚C and an operating range of -40 to 125°C. It can work even at a distance of up to 1.5ft from the object.

Oximeter Sensor:

GINETE VINA uses the MAX30100 series SpO2 sensor. Again it’s a high-grade medical sensor for monitoring blood oxygen level and pulse rate. This is an optical-based non-intrusive sensor. The accuracy is 0.1% and provides a wide operative temperature range.

Sanitiser Dispenser:

It contains an automatic sanitizer dispenser with a mystifying nozzle and a submersible pump and works effectively on a decision making electronic circuitry. The nozzle operates on a 3 bar pressure. Approximately, 5 liters of sanitizer can give up to 900 dispenses. The Automatic dispenser uses an IR sensor to sense the presence of a hand for operating the dispenser. The capacity of the sanitizer container can be customized as per the need by the customer.

IR Sensor:

GINETE VINA contains many Infrared sensors. It is coupled with both Oximeter, Temp sensors, and Sanitizer box. Its job is to sense the presence of any object like finger, body, etc.


The device without proper packaging or body is difficult to use. GIBETE VINA had kept that in mind and have come up with a perfect design. It comes with a strong ABS based structure. The body comes with a high quality metallic silver finish with rounded edges. This can be mounted on the wall as well as kept on a stand holder.

Do you want to have a first look? Here it is!

The device size is kept very much optimal to just fit in all the components. It’s dimension is just 200 mm by 290 mm by 330 mm (LBH) so that it can be easily mounted on the wall, though it also comes with the stand. 


The conclusion is that this device can very well be used in all the quarantine centers, office- spaces, classrooms, gyms, or built-up areas with gatherings for monitoring the people present there. It should not be forgotten that this device will not just help in curbing the spread of COVID-19 but will also help the people who are facing some respiratory diseases. This will help in reducing the mortality rate to some extent.

Contact below if you are looking forward to using this 100% beneficial device.

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